I get so excited when I find movies on tv that I can record for a special movie date with the girls.  When we picked-up the latest catalog from our trip to the American Girl Store, I noticed it said the tv premiere of “Saige” was going to air the next weekend.  I secretly recorded it, and surprised the girls with a movie day this past Sunday.  (As you can see, one was still in her jammies, one had removed jammies but had yet to find clothes, and the other was fully dressed; gotta love summer!)

sage 1 sage 2

The girls all loved the movie, and immediately came downstairs wanting to paint.  (Wonder where they got that?)

sage 3

sage 4

They also now have a new favorite American Girl…  we love you, Saige!


One response to “Saige

  1. Aw! My girls really wanted to see it, but we don’t get tv. I’ll have to check online and see if I can find it. Sometimes the “girl of the year” can be touch-and-go, so I was pleased with this year’s choice. Glad to know you enjoyed! 🙂

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