Spontaneous Thankful Thursday

I don’t normally buy boxed mixes for breakfast.  It’s not that I’m super snobby and have to have everything fresh… (ok, I am a little snobby about this.)  But really, even with a box you are mixing in bowls making them dirty, and waiting for things to bake.  So, it really isn’t that much harder just to make a recipe where you know the ingredients and it tastes so much better than from a box!

Anyway, we’ve hit Trader Joe’s a few times this week since it’s on the way home from dropping the big girls off at VBS, and they’ve had these awesome scone samples.  To top it off, the box said just add water and bake.  So, I decided to buy a box for an emergency morning…

Guess what this morning was?  You guessed it…

t 1

They are berry scones, and truly not something I would do very often.  But, they were perfect this morning!  The girls came running down the stairs demanding, “What’s that smell?  What’s for breakfast?”  To be honest, they weren’t as thrilled with the taste.  I told them I didn’t like scones as a kid, either… they’re too dry.  That’s when I suggested we have one of our Thankful Thursday tea parties!

t 2


When I say we take a break from all school activities for the summer, I mean in every way possible.  But this was such a fun surprise for all of us.  It was even raining outside just to add to our coziness.  Don’t even get me started on how much I love a good summer thunderstorm.  (No thunder, but still rain!)

Today was a good day.  We had our free slurpees at 7-11.  We went to the park in the rain.  We turned-in our library weekly readings, (which I can’t believe I am actually following through with this summer!)  We stayed at the mall for some fried rice and orange chicken.  But, most importantly… we started our day with thankful hearts and warm tea in our bellies!


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