Kid Dates

I have a lot of things on my “I wish I had more time for____” list lately.  Oh, who am I fooling?  I always have a lot of things on that list.  I’m sure we all do!  But, right now I really do wish I had more one-on-one time with my older girls.    Since going out isn’t an option very often, we have tried a few at-home dates this summer.  First there was sewing.  More recently, we tried a drawing date!  Natalie and I actually often draw together on our dates, but usually we go somewhere.  This time we stayed home and had a date in our swimsuits!

date 1

date 2

date 3

We each drew each other pictures, and then wrote little notes to each other.  We did this once before, and I just came across the old picture while cleaning her desk.  I asked if she wanted to keep it, as we were getting rid of things.  She replied with an “Of course!  It’s from you,” which warmed my heart.  I needed that today!

Next I’ll have to think of a clever stay-at-home date for my other 3.  Sierra would probably bake.  Allison would love to swim and talk.  And, Malachi will probably sit on my lap and read a book, then find a ball to throw or kick, then sort some blocks, then…

Do you have any clever kid date ideas?


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