A Special Stop

You know that feeling… exhausted, dirty, unkempt, in desperate need of a shower.  It’s the feeling at the end of a camping trip.  All you want to do is go straight home, shower, start a load of laundry, and take a nap on your own bed!

You may also know this feeling… the joy bubbling up inside at the thought of surprising your kids with a stop somewhere that you know they’ll love.  Yup.  That feeling won out.  So, on our drive home from camping we decided to take our girls to the American Girl Store for the first time.  We had never been there ourselves and relied on our gps to get us there.  It was a bit tricky, but we made it!  Imagine a super busy summer Saturday afternoon, where seemingly everyone is dressed-up with their daughters and buying American Girl stuff.  Yes, I felt extra grungy, but at least I got to hide under a hat!

ag 1

The girls were ecstatic.  It was so fun to watch them.  The store is 2-stories and seems more like a museum.

ag 2

ag 3

ag 4

ag 6

ag 7

The price tags were ridiculous, so we walked out with nothing but 3 free catalogs for the girls to browse the rest of the way home.  (Unbelievably, all 4 of our kids fell asleep — never happens!)  And, we walked out with the knowledge that the Saige movie will be aired on NBC this Saturday!  Actually, I noticed that and haven’t told the girls, yet.  I think we’ll have to make it a special sister sleepover movie night.

ag 8

Don’t feel too sorry for dirty little dude.  He was quite happy knocking over boxes, pushing around a stroller, and looking at “babies!”  So glad you’re ok with it, buddy!  You’ll definitely encounter more such outings in the future!


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