Malibu Beach Camping, day 1

Another week… another camping trip!  I feel like we’re seasoned veterans, now!  Truly, this trip was much easier than the previous week, for several reasons.  1) We already had all our gear out and ready to go, so packing was much quicker.  (Plus, friends did all the food for us; nice!)  2)  It was much warmer at night, which meant the kids slept better.  3)  The kids knew what to expect.  4)  There were a lot more kids to play with.

mc 1

mc 2

mc 3

Our camp site was a group camp site, completely removed from the regular sites.  Personal bathroom with a shower; nice!  We set-up our tents right under a giant oak tree.  It was such a cool tree.  Buddy and I could have laid there all day staring at it.  I dared all the kids to climb it; nobody took me up on it.

mc 4

mc 5

mc 6

Again, we couldn’t find a dog-sitter, which was quite all right with Triscuit.  The kids, (not mine), loved having him there.  And, he loved being there!

mc 7

mc 8

mc 9

mc 10

I could not believe this little dude made it the entire day without a nap.  He was one tired but happy boy.

mc 11

mc 12

After dinner, we had a campfire and s’mores, then wet to bed.  It was a great first day.


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