Summer Mornings

I love how summer mornings are so relaxed… we can stay in jammies until 9am!  (That’s like high noon for us, folks.  My kids still think 6:30am is sleeping-in, and are often up much earlier!)  I also LOVE our new door that gives us access to a patio that was previously not used.  I promise I will do pictures someday… when it is finally cleaned-up.  But, despite the mess the kids still love hanging out, and I still love sipping my coffee and watching them!

sumday 1

sumday 2

sumday 3

sumday 4

sumday 5

sumday 6

sumday 7

Bubbles.  Hula hoops.  Skateboards.  Sunglasses.  Little bikes.  Scooters.  The Sandbox.  Paintbrushes and water.  Chairs and Sketchpads.  It’s an awesome way to spend the morning.  Next usually comes the pool.  And then I have to ask myself, why do I even bother having them get dressed after this?


2 responses to “Summer Mornings

  1. (Uh-hum) Should I not mention we didn’t get up ’till eleven today? (ouch) Of course going to bed at three might have contributed. Gosh this was a fun change. Back to our regular program soon enough!
    Looks like you all had fun!

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