Red, White, and Blue Lobsters!

Back in April, my husband traveled to Boston for work.  (Thankfully, he got back the night before the bombings occurred!)  He brought the girls each souveniers from his trip, and even blessed me with a cute lobster cookie cutter!  I was so excited because 1) it is red, so it make s a cute decoration in my kitchen and 2) somehow lobster cookies seem so Martha Stewart.

lobster 1

Of course, I had to wait until summer to make the cookies.  Lobster.  Beach.  Summer.  You know… Anyhoo, the first day of summer came and went.  So, the next opportunity logically was to welcome July.  And, that is what we did.

lobster 2

Isn’t it amazing how pictures can make it seem like such a fond memory?  In reality, this was probably one of my toughest days in a while.  The kids were exhausted from major swimming and minor sleeping.  One child, who shall remain nameless but may be pictured below, even decided she didn’t want to help with cookies after all and wanted to paint instead so she threw her sisters’ ceramic magnet on the floor and shattered it when I said not until after the cookies.  (Phew, that was a long sentence!)

lobster 3

So sweet and innocent-looking, isn’t she?  🙂  Oh, how I love my curly-top!  Side note:  ALWAYS ice your cookies on waxed paper no matter how much of a hurry you are in.  It is not worth cleaning the counters off afterwards!  Just sayin’.

lobster 4

And, in case you were wondering what exactly prompted me to make lobster cookies on this particular 104-degree day with my little crabbies, it was those plates and straws.  They were on clearance at Target, and I couldn’t resist.  Lobster plates and napkins!  I was secretly hoping the crabbies would turn into  sweethearts and the oven wouldn’t bother us since it was already so hot, but no such luck.  On the bright side, we had an awesome day the next day and thoroughly enjoyed the cookies.  And, that is my red, white, and blue post for the day.  Happy independence day to you and God bless America!


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