Just Because.

My second-born is in the habit of asking, “What is happening that is special tomorrow?”  At first, it frustrated me a bit — after all, it is not my job to entertain my children every. single. day.  So, how should I respond?  I wish I had a profound, awesome answer to give you… of course, I don’t.  But sometimes it helps for me to think back to when I was that age.  I suppose I, too, thought that I should be entertained every day. (Ha!)

Ultimately, I decided it was a compliment.  We do seem to have some sort of fun each day.  And, it is usually not the “big days” that carry the fondest memories, but rather the little times… family play time on mom and dad’s bed, an afternoon swimming together, eating dinner outside, a family walk around the block…

pie 1

…or a fresh apple pie for dessert.

pie 2

One of Daniel’s co-workers brought in fresh apples from his garden, so Daniel brought them home and made a pie.  It was incredible, which is saying a lot since I usually don’t like apple pie.

The day wasn’t unusual.  We just had an apple pie… just because.  And it was perfect.


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