Father’s Day 2013

This year we had a pretty low-key Father’s Day.  I am learning that low-key is ok sometimes.  (Even necessary — especially when the poor father had a long night at work the night before!)

fd 1

Church.  Errands.  Back home.  Presents and cards. Swimming with cousins.  Out to Chinese food for dinner.  Simple.  Perfect.

fd 2

I love how special the girls feel reading Daniel their cards.  (And their cards really are so special!)

fd 3

The favorite gift this year… tabasco flavored jelly bellies.  Ok, so they were not Daniel’s favorite.  I was so excited to finally find them for him.  He loves Tabasco as well as Jelly Bellies, but these were not a hit — we all agreed they were disgusting!  But, a fun flop for sure.

You are one awesome father, Daniel Yeh!  We love you!

Strawberry Picking 2013

Funny how I just posted my 200th post, and yet I still consider this my “new blog.”  But now I’ve come full circle — the first post on this blog is about Strawberry Picking 2012!  Hopefully there will be no more blogging troubles in the future and I can have this blog forever without running out of picture space.  Probably not, but one can dream, right?  Ok, enough about blogging… this post is about strawberry picking!

sp 1

I looked at the calendar last week, only to realize that mid-June was upon us.  I’m still trying to figure out how that happened!  I decided if we were going to cross strawberry picking off our summer bucket list, it would have to be soon!

sp 2

So, we made a somewhat spontaneous trip back to Cal Poly for our third annual strawberry pick!  We were blessed enough to have friends join us, even though it was last-minute!  The kids sucked on some honey sticks from the Farm Store while we waited for our friends to arrive.

sp 3

sp 4

sp 5

sp 6

The pickins were slim… very slim!  Literally 5 minutes after we arrived, a busload of Chinese tourists pulled-up and picked all the strawberries.  They left just as our friends arrived.  Thankfully, everyone got at least one strawberry.  (And, thankfully the kids had a blast playing together!)  But, my visions of homemade strawberry jam were thwarted.

sp 7

sp 8

Just look at these cuties:

sp 9

And, the “babies;” too precious!  They were so excited about each other.  🙂

sp 10

sp 11

sp 12

sp 13

sp 14

sp 15

sp 16

Next year we will have to try in May.  Or, we’ll have to have our own strawberry garden!  (That may be coming soon… I’ll keep you updated!)

Corn Syrup Paints

It seems these days we have more paints and art supplies than anyone could ever need.  And yet, my kids still love to have us make our own.  I guess it’s as much aout the making as it is about the painting!

cs 1

Anyway, an oldy but favorite around here are the corn syrup glitter paints.  Corn syrup, food coloring, and glitter — luckily, a pretty simple concoction.

cs 2

I LOVE how Sierra’s blob turned out!

cs 3

And this little monkey — I mean, artist — I mean, Natalie did a super job!

cs 4

cs 5


Is juicing still all the rave?  I don’t know exactly where it started or if it is still a big deal, but for a while it felt like all my friends were trying “juicing.”  We have a Vitamix, so I much prefer the smoothie route and never really intended to try out juicing.  But, when my mom came with an old juicer she was getting rid of, we had to give it a try.

juicer 1

For our first try, Daniel bought a large bag of organic carrots from Costco.  It worked great, and he went on to make a half gallon of carrot juice!  He also tried adding kale and pineapple.

juicer 2

I honestly don’t like carrot juice a bit, but have added a bit of this to my smoothies and felt healthier!  Do you juice, and what should we try next?


Normally I wouldn’t be thrilled to find my children “into tv.”  But, if it’s a cardboard box version…. and they’re working together… and having fun… and being creative and imaginative… without arguing… well, then.  That’s a whole different story!

tv 1 tv 2

I’ll let you know what’s playing, soon!

Orzo Salad

Having company somewhat forces you to plan out your meals.  That is very good for me.  I love having my meals planned out — I just don’t like the task of doing it!  (I do believe I am not alone here!)

orzo 1

Recipes are best when I can use ingredients from the garden.  I found a summer salad recipe that looked like it would be yummy, plus I got to use my fresh basil.  Indeed it was delicious!  You can find the original recipe here.

orzo 2

Remember this post next time you need an easy dish for a summer potluck!