Big Bear Camping, day 3

Our final day of camping was really mostly packing-up.  Thankfully, this little guy was so tired that he took a morning snoozer in the front seat of the car while we packed!  (After several shoulder rides around the campgrounds, I might add!)

bb3 1

To finish off an awesome trip, we headed to the alpine slides for a picnic lunch and some fun.

bb3 2

By the time we finished lunch, Malachi was done.  Poor little guy was plain exhausted.  Up until this point, I had a blast.  Sure, the nights were tough and camping involves work; but we were together as a family in God’s amazing creation with good friends, and I truly felt joy.  At this point, however, the exhaustion caught up with me as well and I found myself yelling, “Hurry up and have fun so we can go home!”

bb3 3

The kids loved the slides.  We made some great memories.  Luckily, there was an indoor arcade with a game with a gun.  Yup, that kept Malachi happy for a little bit.  As predicted, he fell asleep about 90 seconds into the car ride.

bb3 4

And so ends our first family camping trip as a family of 6.  In case you were wondering, I would say 3 days is perfect.  Would I do it again?  Yes.  In fact, we are heading out again later this week for another 3 day camping trip — this time at the beach.  Bring on the camping!

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