The Boy: 19 Months!

m19 1

I interrupt our camping trip special to bring you breaking news: this boy turned 19 months yesterday! I know I say this every time, but I reeeeaaalllly love this stage!  Oh, the things he says and does.  You can skip over the comments for the cute pictures, but for my memory’s sake I need to record some of the Malachiisms going on right now!  For instance, this boy loves wearing glasses, whether they are sunglasses, swim goggles, or even Mr. Potato head!  No need to rush for the camera; he’ll keep them on a long time!

m19 2

For another thing, he is obsessed with making coffee.  Heaven forbid should I forget to have him make it for me.  He even pulls up the stool himself and then yells, “Coff, coff!”

m19 3

Anytime he is asked, “How is it?”  he responds “Goot!”  He also refers to muffins as “muffeens,” as well as elephants being “elefeens,” etc.

m19 4

When asked if he went poop, he readily admits it.  When asked if he needs his diaper changed, he then runs away and gives an adamant “NO!”

m19 5

I love how people always comment on his thick head of hair.  Truth-be-told, his hair is super thin and already receeding.  (Sorry, dude — it’s your grandpa’s fault.  Enjoy these comments while they last!)

He now calls all his sisters by name: “Natie, A-son, and Seesy.”

Whenever he gets hurt, he says “Sorry.”  Breaks my heart… it is so precious!

Climbing is his middle name.  “Cime, cime!”

He also loves balls.  “Kick” and “Trow” he exclaims as he moves to action.

He still loves guns and runs around yelling “shoo shoo.” (Shoot shoot)

He loves water, but is not a fan of the pool — just like Sierra at this age!

He will mimic almost any word you ask him to say.  One of his favorite spots is on my shoulders.  (It’s just painful on my hair trying to get him down!)

Messes this month include falling into the bath right after I had finished getting him dried, diaper cream and jammies on, and was just about in bed.  Dumped milk — almost daily.  Coloring on tables with markers left out by sisters — happens often!  And, truly more messes than I can recall.

Still a cuddle bug; I will be heart-broken if that ever changes.

He loves to try to sing, and will tell you what song he wants by name, such as “E-i-yo!”  He also asks for videos by name: “Songs” or “Mommy” or Wa-wa.”

He shoves food in my face and won’t quit until I take a bite.

“Blankie” and “Puzzy” are dear friends.  He is officially attached.  Thankfully, when he wakes up he says, “Back,” and puts his Puzzy in the basket and his blankie in the crib until the next sleepy time — or for comfort when changing his diaper!

Hmmm… I know there’s so much more, but hopefully I’ve captured it for now!  I’ll leave you with one last shot, which includes the beloved blankie and puzzy:

m19 7

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