Big Bear Camping, day 2

Good morning!  I don’t care how rough the night was, there is just something about an early morning campfire that is completely peaceful.  There is just no way to be upset with a little cutie in footie jammies sipping his juice box next to the campfire, no matter how fussy he was the night before.

bb2 1

And, watching your husband and daughter cook breakfast while you sip your morning cup of coffee; priceless!

bb2 2

bb2 3


bb2 4


bb2 5

Oh, the fountain… I was so thankful that we had the one and only pump that did not drain.  That way whenever tired boy got a little too clingy, we could head to the “wa-wa.”

bb2 6

Mountain skies need no comment.

bb2 7

bb2 8

After breakfast, we headed to the lake to rent a pontoon boat.



pontoon fish

We should have brought our fishing gear!

pontoon sisters

bb2 9

bb2 10

bb2 11

It was so awesome to have the dog come with us, too!  He was just dying to jump out and chase some ducks.  And, this is how current attempts at a family picture go. **sigh **

bb2 12

We stopped for a while and let the kids dip their feet in.  If we had thought ahead, we would have had them wear swimsuits to jump in for a quick dip.  Next time.

bb2 13

bb2 14

bb2 15

Exhausted from the night before.

bb2 16

So, every time Tricia and I have gone camping together, lunch has always been quesadillas and spanish rice.  We couldn’t break tradition, of course!

bb2 17

After lunch, we walked back across the street to the lake.

bb2 18

bb2 19

bb2 20

This dog was sooo happy… even if he couldn’t catch a duck, he sure had fun trying!

bb2 21

bb2 22

bb2 23

bb2 24

bb2 25

Brave little monkey had to swim!

bb2 26

bb2 27

For dessert, Tricia brought all the fixins’ for campfire cones.  They were a huge hit with the kiddos!

bb2 28

bb2 29

Day 3 coming soon…

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