Big Bear Camping, day 1

We did it!  “We” meaning my friend Tricia and I.  You see, we’ve been friends since before we were even dating our current husbands.  Back then we had many-a-camping-trip together.  They were awesome, and somehow we would always discuss, “Just think… some day we will be doing this with all our kiddos running around.”  That some day has finally come.

bb 1

And, here are all the kiddos:  (Of course, we never considered that mine would be brown heads and hers would be blondies.)

bb 2

bb 3

I found a fun list on Pinterest of activities to do while camping.  The kids didn’t seem too interested, but they did enjoy decorating their cups with camping stickers!

bb 4

bb 5

This little dude was enamored with the tree stump.  I heard “tump” often, and we would make our little visit.

bb 6

We didn’t find a dog-sitter, so we brought old Triscuit with us.  It turned out to be a blessing; he had a blast!

bb 7

Malachi was a little under the weather, so I had the job of hanging out with kiddos while tents were going up and dinner was being cooked.  It was a rough job, but someone had to do it!  Ha!

bb 8

bb 9

Teriyaki grilled chicken, grilled asparagus, and foil wrapped bacon potato packs.  Num!  Of course, this little dude below is so cute I could have eaten him for dessert!

bb 10

bb 11

In preparation for our trip, we headed to the local Ghiradelli store and let the kids each pick out a chocolate bag for s’mores.  Sierra picked raspberry.  (They were pink; duh!) Natalie went mint.  Allison chose cookies and cream.  And, I went with the dark chocolate sea salt caramel.  Best. S’mores. Ever.

bb 12

bb 13

The night ended with the girls in a tent by themselves with the dog.  Wait — let me rephrase that.  After s’mores, the kids went to their beds.  The night never did end.  The two little ones had a rough go and were up most of the night.  It truly was freezing cold, but Sierra just hates covers.  Poor Malachi just couldn’t stay asleep.  Yeah, it was rough.  But, just a minor glitch in an overall wonderful day!

bb 14

Day 2 coming soon…

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