Strawberry Picking 2013

Funny how I just posted my 200th post, and yet I still consider this my “new blog.”  But now I’ve come full circle — the first post on this blog is about Strawberry Picking 2012!  Hopefully there will be no more blogging troubles in the future and I can have this blog forever without running out of picture space.  Probably not, but one can dream, right?  Ok, enough about blogging… this post is about strawberry picking!

sp 1

I looked at the calendar last week, only to realize that mid-June was upon us.  I’m still trying to figure out how that happened!  I decided if we were going to cross strawberry picking off our summer bucket list, it would have to be soon!

sp 2

So, we made a somewhat spontaneous trip back to Cal Poly for our third annual strawberry pick!  We were blessed enough to have friends join us, even though it was last-minute!  The kids sucked on some honey sticks from the Farm Store while we waited for our friends to arrive.

sp 3

sp 4

sp 5

sp 6

The pickins were slim… very slim!  Literally 5 minutes after we arrived, a busload of Chinese tourists pulled-up and picked all the strawberries.  They left just as our friends arrived.  Thankfully, everyone got at least one strawberry.  (And, thankfully the kids had a blast playing together!)  But, my visions of homemade strawberry jam were thwarted.

sp 7

sp 8

Just look at these cuties:

sp 9

And, the “babies;” too precious!  They were so excited about each other.  🙂

sp 10

sp 11

sp 12

sp 13

sp 14

sp 15

sp 16

Next year we will have to try in May.  Or, we’ll have to have our own strawberry garden!  (That may be coming soon… I’ll keep you updated!)


2 responses to “Strawberry Picking 2013

  1. Good luck on growing your own strawberries next year! I get gorgeous strawberries, but only get to eat 1 out of 5 thanks to the birds and bugs. I need to figure out a better system next year.

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you about I was also told that I had run out of space on my blogs, but when I started uploading my pictures to photobucket, I was then able to use a code to put them onto my blog without any problems. Check it out. Of course, now I am having problems with my cookies. If it isn’t one thing, it is another!

    • Thanks, Jennifer! I worked 5 hours before Father’s Day clearing out our future “berry patch.” Now to get to the fun part! 🙂 And, thanks so much for the tip — I’ll check out Photobucket! Great hearing from you — now I have to check out your blog!! 😉

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