Scenes from G & G’s Visit

Tonight as we were sitting outside Handel’s with our ice cream, we were thinking that it couldn’t have been just a week ago that we were there with Grandma and Grandpa… but indeed it was!  Here are a few random pictures of our time with them:

gs 1

Allison opening her first birthday present.  Let me interpret for you what Sierra is communicating with that look.   “It’s not fair.  I want to open her presents!”

gs 2


gs 3

gs 4


gs 5

More presents.  (SUCH a cute book.  I wish we could do all the projects in there!)

gs 6

New hat.  (My friend is SO talented.  Some day I want to crochet like her!)

gs 7

Cards outside after swimming.  Grandma made me promise not to post pics while swimming.

gs 8

Summer snacks.

gs 9

And, the FAVORITE present; the spirograph.  Remember those?  I think I have played with it as much as the girls.


3 responses to “Scenes from G & G’s Visit

  1. Ah! Just when I thought I had gotten over the bug!!! I have this same spirograph on my wish list and was thinking about picking it up tomorrow while I was out. I even have a coupon for it! Just when I thought perhaps I was getting over it and justifying NOT buying it, you go show a cute pic. Rrrr… It’s official; I now need to go buy one. 🙂

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