Sewing Lessons

At times, (far too often, in fact), I find myself saying, “We will get to that when we have time.”  But, I’ve discovered something… want to know what it is?  There’s never really a “good time.”  Sometimes you just have to jump right into it!

The girls have been asking to learn to sew on the machine for about a month now.  I realized my “maybe tomorrow” may never come.  When Allison asked just a few days ago, I told her we would do it right then.  It wasn’t ideal, but at least Malachi was asleep.  I also bribed, (yes, bribed!) Natalie to occupy Sierra for a while so Allison and I could have some uninterrupted time.  (Brilliant, really!  I’ll be doing that again!)

sumsew 1 sumsew 2


We really did have a fun time.  The next day it was Natalie’s turn, and Allison was in charge of Sierra.  I think it’s so ironic that I’m teaching my girls to sew, when I had never even touched a sewing machine just a few years back.  I am such an amateur, and yet it is helping me so much by teaching them!  I want them to feel comfortable, and not scared of this big machine as I always had been.  I am making them do most everything by themselves.  We did several practice pillows and practice stitches so that they would know how it feels to go fast and slow.  I even made them poke the pins. Although I didn’t have them thread the machine, I did make them look for the little numbers to show me where to go next.

I so wish I could have more time teaching my big girls the “fun stuff.”  But, after a day of school with the big girls, (which can be fun, too), I feel I need to pour my attention out on the little ones.  That is why I am so excited summer is here.  It’s a great opportunity for fun learning.



One response to “Sewing Lessons

  1. Agreed! We tried sewing with a machine in Keepers a few year back, but ended up completely destroying one of mine and that put a stop to that (temporarily). We have hand sewing on the schedule for the upcoming year. It should be fun!

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