A Spring Harvest

The fruits of the season are upon us.  I was a little surprised to find our peaches ready before June!  They are quite small; more like an apricot.  But, they are very tasty and we have quite a few for such a twig of a tree.  Allison usually proudly walks in with a basket full of eggs and peaches.   (Ok, not full… but it is fun!)

grow 1

Green beans have also made their debut.  Now I know why they were the chosen veggie for Jack and the Beanstalk; they really do seem to grow straight-up overnight!  They are the only veggie we planted from seed this year.

grow 2

And, here is our first harvest:

grow 3

On another note, I can’t believe my girls’ plants are still alive… and thriving in their tiny little pots!  They were thrilled to discover flowers.  Most potted items die around here because, quite frankly, we are bad at remembering to water by hand.

grow 4

Speaking of potted items, our tomatoes are actually alive, as well.  And, I believe we have 2 ready to harvest.  I still think there’s something wrong with our plant.  It is far too small. But, I will take what we can get!

grow 7

I think basil loves Southern California.  And, I am glad because I love basil myself!  It is the only plant I can always boast of in our gardens past.  Pesto.  Caprese salads.  spaghetti sauce.  pizzas.  Even ordinary sandwiches are special with a touch of basil!

grow 8

I’m hoping the future will hold bigger and better gardening for us.  For now, we are having fun with our happy little garden, and “filling” our little harvest basket!

grow 9

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