My New “Plant Stand”

I know Memorial weekend is the “unofficial” start to summer, but this year I’m officially declaring it the Yeh start to summer!  This morning my husband got home after a 72 hour work shift, and whisked the kids away for a couple of hours of errands.  “Hmmm… my first day of summer break,” I thought.  “How shall I spend it?”  (Don’t worry… I also thought, “What an awesome husband I have!”)  I decided to turn on the radio and work on my first summer fun project!

ps 1

It all began when I spotted this plant stand at Homegoods just a few days ago.  Somehow that morning I had been pondering how to organize some of our outdoor stuff for the kids.  With that fresh on my mind, I headed to Homegoods for a dog pillow.  (Completely unrelated, I know).  But, as soon as I saw this beauty (on sale for $15), I knew it would be perfect!  I was so excited, in fact, that I even shared my idea with the cash register… who, bless her heart, kindly told me it was a creative idea.  (In reality, I think she thought I was nuts!)

ps 2

So first I pulled out my Cricut and cut a few stencils.  At first, I couldn’t think of the specific 3 items I wanted to write on each of the 3 stands. Finally, I decided on 5 items — some buckets would have to share!

ps 3

Did I mention it was just me and my chai latte?  Oh, how I needed a morning like this.  I did mention that I had the radio on.  Actually, it was the computer.  I went back and listened to a few Focus on the Family broadcasts I had been wanting to hear.  If you’re a mom of girls, I highly recommend this broadcast.

ps 4

I finished just as the kids walked in the door.  For now it sits just outside our new yellow door.  (Oh, how I can’t wait to finish organizing and decorating our new office!)

ps 5

Funny how when things are organized, they are more appealing.  The kids rarely ask for sunglasses, paint with water, or use the sidewalk chalk.  Today… I’ll let the pictures tell the story!

ps 6

ps 7

ps 8

ps 9

Hooray for summer projects!

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