Another Breakfast Recipe

I probably have 12 favorite breakfast recipes that I rotate, and yet… I still get bored with them.  In fact, I think my favorite Pinterest board is my breakfast one. When in the mood for a change… check Pinterest.  Last night I came across a recipe for overnight apple oatmeal that claimed, “Perfect for a crisp fall day.”  It scared me a little that it’s only May with just a few hot days under our belt, and I am already dreaming of fall!  But anyway, if I had pinned it originally I think I would have said, “Perfect for Bible Study mornings when it’s impossible to get out of the house on time and the kids need a good filling breakfast so they don’t overkill on goldfish all morning at the Bible Study.”  That would sell anybody, right?   Oh, and I think I would have called it apple pie oatmeal.  Because, (at least for the kids), it’s all in the name, right?  Like last night when I got home from a 5 hour trip to the dentist and was still super numb and sore and made elbow pasta with marinara and cheese; the kids refused to touch it until I called it “mac n chizza;” then they gobbled it down!  (True story!)  But, I regress…  So, I made this apple pie oatmeal.  And, I was right; they were all excited to try it because of the name.


Unfortunately, they didn’t love it.  They said they did — but didn’t eat that much.  I would have to concur; it was a little disappointing.  I will do it again.  But next time I am using granny smith apples for a little tartness, and perhaps upping the brown sugar to 1/2 cup.  And, I will be taking the lid off first thing in the morning to allow it to cool and permeate the house with the fresh apple pie smell!

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