Mother’s Day 2013

momd 1

I was resigned to the fact that my husband had to work on Mother’s Day.  It’s happened a few times before, and I find that it’s silly to whine about it when I am blessed beyond…BEYOND!  So, I was totally resigned to that fact, and totally ok in my heart.  Saturday night came, and I found out he was going to take the day off.  It was the best present ever!  The day was simple.  Flowers.  Pastries, iced coffee, and cake from my favorite bakery.  Church.  More swimming.  Dinner.  Family time goofing off with the kids.  Here’s the goofy picture:

momd 5

And, here’s the dinner:  (Don’t drool!):

momd 2 Collage

I truly felt blessed.  The dinner was awesome; the other goodies were great.  The homemade cards; lovely!  But, just all being together as a family was precious.


2 responses to “Mother’s Day 2013

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you! Love the sweet photo! And your dinner looked fabulous! I have the same asparagus platter. We had a relaxing day, too. Tim and the girls bought me a bike for Mother’s Day so we went on several long rides. It was great!

  2. Thanks so much, Holly! Happy Mother’s Day to you, too! A bike?!?!? That is so awesome! How fun… glad you had a wonderful day. I have a letter for Elle sitting on my desk tha I have to remember to get in the mail! Ha!

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