Beating the Heat

Whew… we have had some cuh-razy weather down here!  It all began about 10 days ago when we made a spontaneous decision to have the outside of our house painted.  Two days later we had painters washing down our house and prepping it for paint.  Once it was all taped-up with plastic sheets along all the windows, the wind came.  (Not just any wind, mind you; the torrential Santa Ana’s that made it sound like the house was about to blow to Oz!) So, the next day they came and took down all the torn plastic and said they’d be back once the wind stopped.

It stopped.  They returned.  They prepped again.  And finally, they painted.  I gasped.  I pride myself on choosing colors well.  I did not choose well.  It looked pink.  And our front door is chartreuse.  Pink and chartreuse; AAAH!  My husband came home from work and had the same reaction.  “It’s pink.”  So, we agreed to have the entire house re-painted.  (Ouch is right!)

But then the rains came.  And came.  The re-painting that was suppose to start on Monday had to be pushed to a Friday.

Finally Friday came.  And, so did the heat!  Hot, hot, hot!  But the painters pushed through, and as of right now it is officially done.  (I am THRILLED!)  I’ll show you pictures soon.

Anyway, summer literally came overnight and shocked us.  So, the girls jumped in the pool.  I am so happy that Sierra finally enjoys swimming!  And, I just love how the girls could be turning purple and through chattering lips exclaim, “I’m not cold.  This is so fun!”

spring roll 3 Collage

Little boy, on the other hand, had no trouble telling us he wasn’t happy.  Poor kid did not even enjoy a second of it, (which kind of shocks me since he asks to play with “wa-wa” all day!)

While the kids were out enjoying their first real swim of the season with their Papa, I decided to make some spring rolls for dinner.  Spring rolls are something I’ve always wanted to try, but always had a fear of doing.  But, the possibilities to stuff in them on a hot summer night when you don’t want to heat up the house are endless.  I tried this recipe for chicken and avocado spring rolls I got from Pinterest.

spring roll 1 Collage

The trick for me was not to overstuff them.  I was wishing I had larger rice paper to use, but this was the only size I found at our local Asian Market.  I set-up an assembly line and got to work.  I had two plates: one for the ones I was able to fold, and one for the ones that were sort of a disaster.

spring roll 2 CollageFinal score: Disaster: 6 Good: 9  And, the good won!  Hooray!! 🙂 (But the disasters were eaten, as well.)   Give these a try.  You can do all the prep in the afternoon and then stick them in the fridge until dinner!  They’re a fun hot day alternative to grilling or cold sandwiches.

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