The Maloof Gardens

I believe last year at this time, we were completely done with our curriculum.  Completely.  This year?  Yikes — we are behind.  Well, sort of.  We are fine with Language Arts and math… just behind on science and history.  How did that happen?  Well, the girls are pretty independent when it comes to LA and math.  But, it takes a lot of mom to do science and history; and right now the little two require a lot of mom.  Can we just say that I am counting down to summer?  I’m definitely ready for a chance to organize, gather my thoughts and ideas, plan, and… breathe!

maloof 1

That’s kind of what we did today.  We took a little breather.  And oh, how wonderful the air tasted!

maloof 2

So, where did we go?  Let me back-up for just a minute.  Last week while the girls were at piano and the little ones with Daniel, I decided to go for a jog.  I love jogging.  Love it.  But, I haven’t done much of it this past year due to time constraints and my knee.  {A torn acl, torn meniscus, mild arthritis, and scar tissue from a past surgery are giving my left knee some trouble… but that’s another story!}  Anyway, as I jogged up this street, I came to a museum at the top of the hill with a flyer.  It was the house of Sam Maloof; apparently a famous wood worker.  His house is now a museum that gives tours, and the gardens have a free tour.  I’m all about free, so I decided we would give it a shot!

maloof 3

maloof 4

We started at the visitor center with a map, and then followed it around the garden.  There wasn’t a whole lot to see other than lots of lizards and lots of lemons.  But, the map was marked with bird houses to find, which was kind of fun.  And, it really was fun just to walk around and look at the different trees and flowers.

maloof 6

maloof 7

maloof 8

And lady bugs are always exciting… (until they fly off the hand of a 3 year old, and onto the shirt of her big sister.  Then they’re simply cause for a major tired 3-yr-old meltdown tantrum!)

maloof 9

Natalie and Allison brought notebooks to sketch and journal in.

maloof 10

maloof 11

…And Sierra found a wood-carved carousel.  If only it was a real working carousel; perhaps the ladybug flying away incident would have been less traumatic!

maloof 12

maloof 13

We left Malachi at home to nap while Daniel was still busy working away at our new chicken coop.  Can’t wait to have that project finished, too!  Oh summer, please come soon!


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