Pinterest Recipe Review

Hello, hello!  Are you Pinterested in some recipe reviews? 🙂  If so, read on…

pr 1

The first is Greek pizza.  Let me start by saying I am a HUGE fan of greek salad.  Actually, Greek food in general appeals to me… Gyros are the ONLY way I will eat lamb!  So, I was excited to try this recipe.  And, it didn’t disappoint!  Both my husband and I thought it was awesome.  I followed the recipe exactly, down to Trader Joe’s whole wheat crust — except that I grilled it, of course.   You can get the recipe here.

pr 2

Next up? Carrot cake granola bites.  These were ok… they tasted more “healthy” than the peanut butter-honey energy bites we used to make all the time.  I didn’t even try them on my kids. Ironically, my husband thought they were “too sweet.”  Here is the recipe if you are so inclined.

pr 3Next we have our parmesan pretzels dipped in marinara.  Big hit all around.  I just used the pretzel dog recipe from the other day.  (Can you tell we are currently “into” pizza and pretzels?)  Grab the recipe here.

pr 4

Last, but not least we have our breakfast cookies.  To be honest, I love the 3 recipes I’ve tried.  These are very similar to the blueberry coconut ones I made here.  But, just different enough that my girls didn’t like them.  (Much to my surprise!)  Again, I thought they were awesome.  You can check out the recipe here.

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