Another random post… here we go!

ll 1

This boy loves his doggy.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked over and seen him lying on this dog.  The problem is, our doggy is camera-shy.  Whenever I grab the camera, he runs!  So, I was very lucky to even get this shot.  A boy and his dog.  Precious.

ll 2

This girl officially has her new desk area like her sisters.  We even got her a matching pink chair.  She is ecstatic.

ll 3

We’re big fans of Lowe’s “Build and Grow” program for the kids, but decided to give Home Depot’s kids’ program a chance.  Turns out we’re big fans of this one, too.  They even got to paint these special planters!

ll 4

Daniel is loving his new birthday present.  Notice the oven — yes, a bull’s eye was drawn with dry-erase markers!  In fact, they may have also been drawn on our back windows, our whiteboard, and any other wipeable surface throughout the house.

ll 5

We introduced the not-so-little chickies to our big chickens today.  So far so good.

ll 6

The kids are busy observing and analyzing their interactions.

ll 7

…And, Daniel is busy trying to get the new coop built!

ll 8

This dude loves doing the dishes.  And, squirting windex.  (I may have delivered a slightly damp windex-smelling boy to the childcare workers at Bible Study this morning.  Oops.)  Between this and his need to sweep the house, he has earned the nickname “Cleaning Crew.”

ll 9And last, but not least… our garden!  It got pretty beat-up during our unexpected Santa Ana’s last week. And, it is infested with worms, causing the peas to die off and the squash to thwart its growing.  Organic gardening is work.  I’ve pinned some tips to help, but been too busy to look at them.  At least our lettuce is doing well — for now!

And, that’s a glimpse of happenings around here.

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