How We Roll…

Natalie:  “What day is it?”

Allison:  “I think it’s April 30.”

Natalie: “Let’s look at the calendar… It’s May 1!”

Me: “Oh girls, it’s May Day!”

In my head… “Uh-oh.  It’s May day.  I didn’t plan a thing.  Flowers…flowers… we don’t have any to pick.  We could make candy kabob flowers!  Oh wait, I don’t have the right stuff, and no time to go to the store.  May day, May day… Aha!”

Me: “Hey, I know.. remember the flowers we made out of egg cartons a few years back?  Let’s do those again!”

Girls:  “Yeah!  Great idea! Thanks, Mom!”  {Clearly happy about any “schooling” that involves a craft.}

roll 1

Side note:  I truly dislike cutting egg cartons!

roll 2

roll 3

So, yeah… that’s how it went.  And, here’s my confession: that’s how it usually goes. Oh, how I wish I was a better planner.  I am a dreamer.  I dream up big, creative plans in my head… but rarely pull them through.  Instead, I usually just spontaneously offer the first Pinterest craft that comes to mind.  You know what the beauty is, though?  As silly as it may sound, I believe God often gives me the ideas at just the right time, so as to not stress.  In that way, it’s a huge blessing.  But, no…. I am not type A nor a great planner, but we just do it.  And, this time little Buddy joined us:

roll 4

He lasted all of 25 seconds, but they were the cutest!


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