Yogurt Tube Cozies

These two.  Oh, these two.  If given a choice, I think they could live on yogurt and smoothies.

yt 1

In fact, I have just one yogurt tube left in the freezer, and I am already dreading tomorrow morning when Malachi inevitably walks to the freezer and insists I find a yogurt tube.  I’ll have to let Sierra know there is not anther one — yikes!  Anyway, as that is the morning snack of choice for the little two, and I am always “wasting” a paper towel to wrap around them, I decided to make them some cozies, again.  I originally made them for Allison and Natalie who no longer like yogurt tubes… perhaps that will be the fate of these two, as well???  I don’t know what happened to the originals, but they worked so well and I still had the fleece, so it was time to make some more!

yt 2

Isn’t my helper a cutie?  🙂

yt 3And, here they are… the kids each chose their own fleece and ribbon.  This isn’t my original idea, but you can see my first post here.  And, even though my big girls don’t like yogurt tubes anymore, I am sure these will come in handy for summer freezer pops!


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