Embroidered Birthday Cards

I mentioned before that I wanted to expand a bit on the birthday cards the girls made for Daniel.  Let me first say, never send me to Target alone.  It is just dangerous.  Too.  Much.  Great.  Stuff.  So, I found this tool at Target and I simply couldn’t resist.  I bought it under the guise of “I really need this now for Daniel’s birthday cards, and it’s totally justified because we can use it for our memory verse journals next year.”  I have a problem, I know!

sew 1

So, the tool is quite simple, really.  You roll it along a foam board and it punctures the paper so you -er- the kids know where to sew.  Just look:

sew 2

Natalie (6) did that all by herself.  I bet you could find it at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and use one of their 40% off coupons.  I’ll have to look into that!!  Here’s what it looks like.  If you’re a mom of girls, I highly recommend it!

sew 3

2 responses to “Embroidered Birthday Cards

  1. Oh. My. Goodness! This is so cool! I am (at least one of) THE world’s LEAST craft-y people (ask me about my wedding sometime ;)), and I am still tempted to get this for my girls (at least one of whom takes after me in that department). I’ll go looking at the craft stores with my coupon. How fun!

  2. Tell me about your wedding! 🙂 Ha! Can’t wait to hear that story. Yeah, I don’t usually buy something so impulsively, but this was just too cute. And, in my defense, it took me 3 different trips to Target before I caved. 😉

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