True Story

This morning wasn’t exactly a cozy Saturday morning.  The day started for the girls at 5:45am due to a bad case of the coughs, and has remained a bit sleepy-grumpy.  As for me — I definitely could use an attitude adjustment.  We tried a craft that was fun, but required taking turns.  Not the best idea for a day like today.

spart 1

spart 2

So, this afternoon I headed to Pinterest for a fun dinner idea and stumbled upon pretzel dogs.  Not exactly a healthy homemade option, but they sounded fun… and yummy!  I mixed the water with the salt, sugar and yeast, then walked away to let it foam.  Five minutes later I returned to find this:


Yup, a love note from God just to me!  (Don’t be jealous; He loves you, too!)  I have been so grumpy and unworthy this morning.  I’ve needed to show more grace.  This was my reminder!  Ok, I’m off to finish my dough.  I’ll let you know how they turn out!

spart 3

I’m back!  (That was fast, huh?)  So, the recipe…. Easy.  Yummy.  I’d call that a success!  (Wish I could say the same for the broccoli!)  I used this recipe here. And, I am definitely using it again.  Even without the hotdogs, these would make great pretzel snacks for the kiddos.


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