Daniel’s Birthday 2013

Every birthday I do for the kids has a theme.  It’s fun for them, and easier to plan for me!  But, when I planned to make a carrot cake for Daniel’s birthday, I had no idea the guest of honor would be a…

db 2

Yup… Stray brought us another bunny.  This time I insisted we keep it.  At least, for a little bit.  It already has a name: “Cottontail.”  Original, I know.

db 3

So, just like that the morning was spent making a temporary box home for our furry friend.  And, for breakfast we decided to try out our “dinosaur egg,” (goose egg), Daniel got from the farmer’s market last weekend.

db 1

After breakfast, we headed to the park to open presents.  The girls gave him their latest art class projects and homemade cards. (More on the cards later.)  They were so proud.

db 4

And, my parents gave him some Nerf guns… hence, the trip to the park!

db 5

db 6

db 7

db 8

db 9

db 10

After the park, we headed home for lunch.  The bunny had somehow managed to escape, but was found a few hours later.  After that, I picked-up the babysitter, then Daniel and I headed to the movies… we had the entire theater to ourselves!  And, it was an awesome movie.  Check out  Home Run .  From there, we picked-up the girls and went to sushi.  Finally, we ended the night with our carrot cake cupcakes.  Daniel insisted on holding his new friend:

db 11

I let the kids frost and sprinkle their own cupcake.

db 12

Favorite quote: (In a whiny voice) “Why does Papa get a bunny for his birthday?  It’s not fair!”   I’ll let you guess who said that!

Happy Birthday, D!!


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