The Squeal.

His name really shouldn’t be Stray.  It should be Hunter, with a capital “h.”   Really, he’s so fat and lazy I’m not sure how he manages to bring us “treasures.”  But, he does.  And that is the one thing I don’t like about him, yet the one reason my husband thought we should keep him — no more rats.

bunny 2

As you may have guessed from the picture, today’s treasure was no rat.  Luckily, this little guy escaped.  Let me back-up just a moment…

bunny 8

As I stepped outside to go feed the chickens, I looked down and screamed — a rat!  “Stray!!!”  No, wait — a baby bunny!  Only, it’s head had a huge bite.  It was dead.  Poor little thing.  I was disturbed.  Thankfully, my parents arrived today — (more on that, soon!), and my dad threw it away for me.  Hours later I finally remembered I needed to feed the chickens, again.  I stepped outside and heard the loudest, strange squealing.  Then I saw Stray come running to the back door with another baby bunny in his mouth.  I screamed.  He dropped the bunny.  It was shaking, but alive.  Finally, it hopped away.  Luckily for the chickens, I remembered to feed them this time.

bunny 3

Another few hours passed.  I was about to step outside, when I heard the squealing again.  For the third time, I see Stray running back with a bunny in its mouth.  I scream again.   He drops the bunny again.  The bunny hops away, but is chased by Stray.  It is cornered, so it jumps into the pool.  I scream again.  I also yell at my poor children.  “Get me a bucket!  Hurry up!  Aaahhh!”  I saved the little drowning bunny.  It tries hard to jump out of the bucket.  But, once I set the bucket down, it won’t hop away.  Poor little creature is scared stiff!

bunny 4

That’s when I yell, again.  “Get me my camera!”  (Why do I panic so?  A calm voice would have done fine.)  Anyway, my sweetie girl grabs my camera for me, and we do this little bunny photo shoot.  We tried to feed it, but again — it’s scared stiff.

bunny 5

After watching it for a while, I finally can’t resist.  I reach out and pet it.  That’s when it hopped away.  (I may have screamed, again!)  It stayed behind our garden for hours.  I just checked now, and it is gone.  I’m SO glad it didm’t have a heart attack and die behind the planter.  Isn’t it a cutie?  

Dear Stray the cat,

PLEASE leave the bunnies alone.


your loving Yeh family

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