Living in Chaos

I don’t like chaos.  Most people don’t, I assume.  After all, our Creator is a God of order and we are made in His image.  But, I am certain that some handle it better than others.

mail 2

The inside of our house is chaos right now.  Torn-up floors.  From 3 bathrooms down to 1.  And, the contents of a walk-in closet that was in desperate need of organization are spread all over our living area.  But, that’s ok.  It’s physical and temporary.  It can only affect my mental state if I let it.  God reminded me of that the other morning. I woke up and was immediately overwhelmed.  “Come to me,” He gently called.

mail 4

It’s a discipline, really; taking captive every thought to the obedience of Christ.  I don’t have it down… at all.  But, I was so grateful for God’s reminder the other morning.  He so longs to give us that peace that passes understanding, and we think it’s so hard to obtain, but it’s not.  Give it over to God.

mail 5

Relax, like a little chickie in the hands of a 3-year-old.  (Oh wait, I’m not sure if that’s relaxing!)

mail 6

For today, I set aside worry.  I will probably have to do it again tomorrow when I wake-up to the mess once again.  But what a great reminder that our peace and contentment shouldn’t come from a clean house or everything in order.  It comes from spending time with a living God who already knows our needs.

mail 7

And, it doesn’t hurt to step outside and enjoy God’s creation.

mail 8

Oh, that silly 3-year-old!

mail 1

Riding to the mailbox with Malachi has become a favorite afternoon activity.  Spending extra time throwing hula hoops in the street, playing with the chickies, blowing bubbles, and picking flowers is a bonus!

mail 9

Spending time with God.  Spending time with my family.  Spending time enjoying God’s creation.  Setting aside worries and anxieties and letting God take control.  I’m working on it!!

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