Back to Work…

He’s home!

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Daniel got back late Sunday night, so the girls didn’t get to see him until Monday.  That afternoon I got the call from my mom saying, “I’m sure glad Daniel’s home from Boston.”  Then we turned on the news.  Our hearts and prayers go out to you, Boston!

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Being the daddy to 3 little girls, his welcome home from Boston was, of course, a tea party!

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But, the sitting around and relaxing didn’t last long.  We finally started a big project we’ve been planning since November.  Our little office, (the former “nursery”), is getting a door and a floor!  Words cannot even express my excitement and joy over the prospect of a room dedicated to schooling and crafting.  No words.  None.

back 4

Daniel let the girls take the first swing!

back 5

Bye, bye window!  Hello door.

back 6

And, just like that the door was in.  It took 2 workers just one day.

back 7

His expression gives the sentiments of us all.  Can’t wait to show you more progress!  Hooray for fun projects!


4 responses to “Back to Work…

  1. How exciting! A dedicated school and craft room! (well, a school room is exciting. a craft room– I would like that to be exciting, but I haven’t the tiniest bit of crafting in me. Wish, wish, wish I did, though!) 🙂

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