The Best

So, my dear friend and her family drove off to Texas today.  My parents were going to come this week, but had to cancel.  And, my husband leaves for a work trip across the country tomorrow.  This week is not exactly looking great.  But, I have a choice.  And, I’m going to choose to see the best.  And, if I have any energy left at the end of the day, I intend to share it with you… so, here we go!

the best 1

Snuggles with little ones are the best!

the best 2

Tiny crocs… the best!

the best 3

Sharing your popcorn with the chickens is the best.  (Oh, and little girls in summer dresses!)

the best 4

Garden fresh lettuce is the best.  (And grows amazingly fast down here!)

the best 5

Prolific peach trees… the best!  (Will it be peach pancakes, smoothies, or homemade jam this summer?)

the best 6

Backyard playgrounds are the best.

the best 7 Collage

Spring temperatures, sweet kids, and finishing school by lunch time; the best!

the best 8

Sad toddler faces, (when they mean “I-love-you-so-much-I-can’t-stand-to-see-you-put-me-down-even-for-a-second-to-collect-eggs”) — they’re the best!

the best 9

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again — home grown snap peas are the best!

the best 10

This dog — he’s the best!

the best 11

Garlic chicken spaghetti; it’s the best!

the best 12

And, of course, baby spaghetti faces… THE BEST!


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