Crafting Therapy

Tomorrow is the day.  I’ve hinted about it a little here and there lately.  It’s the last day we get to hang out with our dear California friends before they become our dear Texas friends.  I’m just going to be honest here.  Saying goodbye stinks; especially when you have friends as awesome as these.  To help cope, we’ve done a little “crafting therapy.”  First, our girls made each of their girls pillows to take with them.

ct 1

To begin, they embroidered California and the first initial of each girls’ name on a white piece of cloth.  Next, they cut out the shape of the embroidered part.  I then did the machine sewing for them, (though I think they are ready to do it themselves… almost!)

ct 2

Finally came the stuffing.  (Sierra got to help with this part, as well!)

ct 3


ct 4

We wrapped them up and delivered them along with a special book that was my personal “crafting therapy.”  Almost eight years of pictures of Allison and Grace, beginning when our little birthday buddies were just days old.  Searching through those pictures was a labor of love; what joy and fun!

ct 5

Just look at how they’ve grown!  This picture doesn’t show it, but they are really just about the same height, and always have been.   Two sweet girls who will forever be sisters in Christ!

I won’t go on and on about how much I am going to miss them.  This isn’t the place for that.  But, I do want to tell my precious friends… I love you and see you next time!  🙂


3 responses to “Crafting Therapy

  1. Crafting therapy– love it! I’m doing my baking therapy tomorrow morning– going to have lots of choc. chip. cookies in the house!

      • Made 6 dozen cookies, a quiche, and scones yesterday, and started 2 more batches of cookies today. So, if we get together for a playdate this summer, I’ll be sure to bring along some cookies… 🙂

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