Easter 2013

Twas the night before Easter, and all through the house… the dresses were hung by the chimney with care!

es 1

I have only bought the girls “Easter dresses” once before.  It was about time!

es 2

They were thrilled by both the dresses and the baskets.  (In case you were wondering, I told the Easter bunny my little dude didn’t need a basket until next year!)

es 3

For breakfast, I tried out some homemade bunny “pop tarts.”  I used a recipe for a coffee cake dough.  I think next time I’ll simply buy a pie crust.  But, the girls enjoyed them!

es 4

After breakfast and church, we stopped to take a few pictures.  This tiny little corner has proved a great place for spring pictures — you can’t even tell it’s a small corner of a busy street!

es 5

es 6

**new favorite kid picture**

es 7

es 18

es 16

Lunch:  egg salad tulips!

es 17

And then it was time for the Easter egg hunt… Sadly, little guy wanted to take a nap.  Next year, buddy… next year!

es 8

es 9

es 10

es 11

es 12

es 13

es 14

Just look what we found when we came in:

es 15

My parents were originally going to be down here for Easter.  And, we would have loved to have them.  We thought of inviting friends.  And, we declined a few offers to go to other friends.  In the end, we decided a simple family day would be best.  And, it was the best.  The big kids even watched a movie in the afternoon while Malachi, Daniel, and I got a nap!  But here’s what I love about my husband.  He still went to a lot of work over dinner… just for our family!  It was so special.

es 19

es 20

May your hearts be filled with the joy of the good news of Easter all year long!


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