Spring part 2… the chickies!  So, we decided we wanted some more chickens; mostly because we wanted more eggs, but also to try a few new breeds.  We decided on 5 more chicks bringing our grand total to 10.  (Now it’s time to get to building a bigger coop!)

chicks 1 Collage

As usual, the girls are having a blast with the chicks.  And, so am I this time.  Not that I didn’t enjoy the chicks the first time around… but I can’t say I handled them before.  I’ve not only overcome my slight fear of these birds, but grown quite fond of the.  One in particular, little Bethany, I can’t resist holding throughout the day!

chicks 2

Sierra is doing remarkably well with the chickies.  No squished chicks; that’s a good thing!

chicks 3

Natalie’s chick is “Gilfie,” from her book Guardians of Ga’Hoole.  I just love that!

chicks 4  CollageFriends are welcome … but come soon, because they grow-up fast!

The Garden

And just like that we’re two weeks into March, already!  Ahhh, March!  March means one thing… spring!  Gardens, Easter, flowers, baby chicks… and perfect weather; I love it all!  The only problem is you can’t garden unless you actually have a garden!  When we first moved into this house, I would spend a long time searching the yard for a nice sunny potential garden spot.  I finally found it… on our patio!  So, together Daniel and I drew-up our dream garden bed.

March 1 Collage

He began work on it last summer;  {Mostly at night to 1) avoid heat and 2) avoid our 4 little distractions!}  As he was building it, we lovingly referred to it as “the monstrosity.”  After all, as long as it was custom, we had to include everything… like a wrap-around bench that would double as a storage unit for pool toys!

March 2 CollageBy fall it was ready for a paint job.  As usual, Daniel got the girls in on the action.  They waited on me to pick the colors, and then they had fun painting away.

March 1

Fast forward to March.  It is finally (almost) complete.  It is filled with dirt.  My “graffiti” on the bench has begun.  Pillows are bought.  The sprinkler system is hooked-up.  And, the plants have been planted.  (Once again, Daniel had some “assistance”)

March 2

Oh, they’re just such cute helpers!

March 3 Collage

And, they love the “dirty work.”

March 4

My favorite are always the snap peas.  Mmmmmmm…

March 5

March 7 Collage

Getting there!

WELCOME, March!  I hope to share our other new spring addition tomorrow!

Pizza and a Movie

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things…

fri movie 1

Friday night.  Natalie has ballet/ tap class which happens to be right next to Round Table Pizza.  It’s raining, and I’m exhausted from a long week.  She finishes at 4:30, and I pick-up a pizza to take home with us.  (Don’t mind the open disaster of a game cabinet or filthy dog pillow!)

fri movie 2

Usually the Disney channel has movies to record on Fridays.  I had recorded Tinkerbell that morning, and almost forgot about it until we got home.  Inside, I was more excited than they were to discover it.  I didn’t have to cook, and I had 90 minutes of happy tired campers occupied.

fri movie 3

Of course, I forgot that we had 3 birthday parties to attend that weekend and we would be eating pizza the rest of the weekend… but it was so worth it!

Murphy’s Law

I don’t know who Murphy was, but his law always seems to apply, doesn’t it?  So, last week as my husband was gone most of the week working, I found evening time to myself and was itching to blog…  only I couldn’t figure out something with my pictures, again.  Still haven’t figured it out.  Still itching to blog… **sigh**  Ok, I’m off to try again.  Hope to be back, soon!


As I got on the blog to write this,I couldn’t believe my last update was from out trip to the snow!  It was only 2 weeks ago, but feels like forever ago.  Perhaps because when we got back a bad case of the sickies made its way around our house.  I always seem to be in a time warp when the sickies come.  Funny how you can be sick just a few days and completely forget what “normal”  feels like!

Anyway, we are mostly back to normal and I am still trying to get back into my routine!  My mind is just swirling with thoughts of new curriculum, house projects, March birthdays, a dear friend moving way too far away, our garden, new chicks, a new season… and of course, laundry.  Does the laundry ever go away?  Here’s some of what we’ve been up to…

sa finger paints Collage

Finger paints!  Somehow I forgot about these.  They were a big hit since we haven’t done them in probably a year!

sa hat Collage

Making Andrew Jackson’s hat…. because, after all, why does Lincoln’s hat have to get all the presidential hat fame?  (You know you’re my favorite, Mr. Lincoln; just sayin’)

sa johnny cakes Collage

Making “johnny cakes” for science as we studied how the pioneers used corn for everything.  Really, they’re just like corn muffins, only the kids loved to call them johnny cakes like the book said!

sa kale chips Collage

Kale chips… been wanting to try these for quite some time now!  I think I overcooked them a bit, which meant none of us were fans.  But, I am going to try again!  I hear kale is a good source of calcium, and I certainly don’t drink enough milk, unless you count the half and half that goes in my coffee every morning.  Daniel bought organic as we’re trying all organic for a bit… but that’s another story!

sa outdoor paint Collage

Heading outdoors to craft… I am SO happy that spring weather has decided to pay a visit.  The most difficult thing about outdoor crafts is our crazy cat who simply insists on being at the center of all we do.

sa outdoor paints

Apparently, the fact that the water is black from watercolor paints makes no difference to our Stray!

sa sierra

Sierra made her first “real picture” n the white board.  I decided to take a picture.  Now every time she draws anything, she asks that I take a picture.  Precious!

sa toothless

Sweet # 2 lost tooth number 4.  I cannot tell you how precious I find a toothless smile.  Melts my heart!

sa waiting

And, my mom is here this weekend while my dad is at a car show in L.A.  It is a short trip, but perfect timing as my husband got called to work a brush fire and hasn’t been home.  Yesterday I found the girls doing their mathwork at the window to be ready for when they arrived.  Sierra sat outside to report of all happenings.  I ran to grab the camera because I found it precious!

sa gma

Even Malachi was excited!

sa gma books

Today Grandma helped with school by playing educational games and reading, which meant I got a long, relaxing shower!

And, she is cleaning the kitchen as I type, which means I get to finally blog!

And, that’s a glimpse into our happenings!