Coloring Eggs

I love my husband.  But, he doesn’t get it.  He has no idea why traditions are fun for kids.  He thinks, why not do something new?   And, I see what he’s saying… (sort of).  But, I love traditions.  And so do my kids.  And, so we do them!  Even if it means running to the grocery store for eggs and vinegar the day before Easter.  🙂

egg 1

egg 2

egg 3

egg 4

egg 6

egg 7

egg 8


This year, more than ever, the kids had a blast doing the eggs.  Sierra was so distraught when we ran out of eggs.  So, we got out a paintbrush and used the leftover dyes as watercolor paints.  That did it.  She was happy.  And, so was I!  It’s so fun dying eggs with the kids now that they are old enough to get it and do it mostly on their own.  Oh, and special thanks to Pinterest… using a whisk for an egg holder is brilliant!

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