Easter Fun

This year, more than ever, we are really trying to go deeper with our Easter devotions.   The girls know the story(s) by now.  In fact, just this morning they were complaining -er – reminding me that they already knew the story of Peter denying Jesus.  It was a great opportunity to let them know about a “rhema,” or a fresh word of God specifically for them.  (At least, that’s my understanding of it as a non-scholar!)  We worked through the scripture once again, and I had them tell me all the new things they had learned.  Even they were surprised at how many details they didn’t really think about before.  (And I received a fresh rhema, as well!)

Now, I have to be honest.  Sometimes, (too often, in fact), I have these grand visions of how things could be.  My creative mind wanders off, and I have visions of glorious Bible studies linked with supporting crafts and snacks and object lessons and games and…. then reality hits.  I am either too tired, too busy, or too overwhelmed to really carry through with my plan.  So, I scrap it altogether.  Yup.  I do absolutely nothing.

I am learning, though.  Learning that it’s ok to wing it sometimes, and not have it all meticulously planned out.  In fact, in many ways that leaves more room for improvise and for the Holy Spirit to come in and work.  Does that make sense?   This week Monday rolled around much quicker than I had anticipated, and I had nothing planned for Easter.  I just knew in my heart the girls were ready for something more.  So, each morning we’ve been diving into His word.  I didn’t plan it.  I still don’t know exactly what school will look like tomorrow.  But, I know that God is speaking to their hearts and His word will not return void.

All that to say, we have found some time for some Easter fun, as well…

ef 1 cookies Collage

Easter cookies!

ef 2

Easter sock bunnies… a craft my sweet friend brought over to try.  I thought they were SO cute!

ef 3 Collage

ef 4

ef 5 Collage

Good old foamies!

ef 6 Collage

And… the big girls are now in an art class, which means whatever they bring home I get to try with Sierra, who sincerely wishes she were 6 so that she could take the class, as well. (As do I!)  They started with salt dough bunnies, so guess what Sierra and I did the next day? ** smile**

May God bless you with a fresh rhema today!

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