Feeling Artsy

At any given moment it seems you can find me day-dreaming about art projects.  Not ones for my kids, however… I see painting my walls, rearranging my furniture, and ideas galore in my head.  Perhaps it is because we have a small remodeling project coming up that will finally allow me to decorate my very own office.  Woohoo!  In the meantime, I get to watch my kids do art of their own.  Here’s some of our latest:

artsy 1

Ribbon baskets for spring: always a favorite.

artsy 2

I started a board called “birds for Natalie” on my Pinterest wall.  This girl still can’t get enough of birds… or art… so when the two merge, it is a good thing!

artsy 3

Easel painting.  Classic.

artsy 4 Collage

I found this fun idea at JDC.  It’s called the “roller coaster name project.”  We did it yesterday to go along with our week of devotions talking about Holy Week, and what a “roller coaster” it must have been for Jesus, (to say the least!)

artsy 5

artsy 6

artsy 7

And, one last project… for now.  I got this one form Meg over at Whatever.  (I say that as if we’re old friends.  Meg has no idea who I am, but I love her blog!)  Spring flowers.  Perfect for the season!

artsy 8

Happy Crafting!

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