Amy’s Farm

Yep… another day, another farm!  I could get used to this farm life… as long as we had this perfect spring weather and someone else doing all the work; ha!  Once again, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  I mean really, is there any place more photogenic than a farm?

af 1

af 2

I just have to comment on this photo.  This picture is so precious to me, because its subjects are so precious to me.  These girls are such precious friends to my girls, that my heart aches knowing they will be moving away in a few weeks.  I will treasure this picture always!  And, look at my little Malachi thinking he’s a big boy!

af 3

af 5

af 6

af 8

af 9

af 10

af 11

af 12

af 13

af 14

af 15

af 16

af 17

af 18

Milking a cow was pretty awesome.  It was actually much easier than I anticipated.  I wonder if it’s just this cow, or cows in general that are easy to milk?  Anyone?

af 19

af 20

af 21

This girl loves horses as much as I love coffee… and that’s A LOT!  I’ll leave you as we left… with the 3 little 6-day-old piglets:

af 22

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