Horse Camp

I’m gonna let the pictures do most of the talking here, but let me just set the scene for you.  Chilly morning.  Slightly foggy and overcast.  Just the right temperature for jeans and a sweatshirt.  Old farm.  Cats EVERYWHERE.  Laid-back old farmer.  All girls, and all older than my A and N, who spent the entire day there learning about horses and feeding and playing with other animals.  Sierra spent a couple hours there as well and got to ride a horse, but was very sad when it was time to leave.  Malachi was in heaven, and so proud to show-off his walking.  Ok, here we go.  Warning:  LOTS of pictures!

hc 1

hc 2

hc 3

hc 4

hc 5

hc 6

hc 7

hc 8

hc 9

hc 10

hc 11

hc 12

hc 13

hc 14

hc 15 Collage

hc 16

hc 17

hc 18

hc 19

hc 20

hc 21

hc 22

hc 23

hc 24

hc 25

hc 26

So, the farm was called “Foxcroft Farms,” if you’re interested.  The fun part was, they had a real fox!  And, it was the sweetest thing ever; (even when Malachi poked its face over and over!)

hc 27

If the girls had their way, they’d be running back there tomorrow!  Lucky for them, we actually do have another farm trip planned tomorrow.  And, another cool day forecasted; woohoo!

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