St. Patrick’s Day 2013

There’s no better proof than a random holiday that Pinterest has made me a more creative mom!

spd 1

When I say “St. Patrick’s Day,” the girls think of one thing… Lucky Charms!  It’s one of their favorite traditions.  You’d think I was feeding them chocolate ice cream sundays for breakfast.  (And really, they’re probably not a whole lot healthier!)  Between a few bowls for breakfast and then snacking on them after church, we almost finished an entire box today!  This year we also had Irish soda bread that my husband bought after having a sample at our market.  And, let me not neglect to thank Target for the tattoos!

spd 2

Even the little guy felt like a big man snacking on them at the big table with the rest of us!

spd 3

We played “Roll a leprauchan.”  (Thanks, Pinterest!)

spd 4

And, we made some movable leprauchans with brads…

spd 6

And, some leprauchan cookies…

spd 5
spd 7

…All thanks to Pinterest!

spd 8

Finally, we enjoyed dinner with some of our dearest friends.  They will be moving away soon, but I can’t even think about it or there might be tear stains all over this computer!

spd 9

spd 10

spd 11

Grace reading us the clue for the leprauchan scavenger hunt.

spd 12

I’m not sure why I like this day so much… we’re not even Irish!  But, it is fun and easy just to pull out some green.  And, it’s always good to remember how simple God made the gospel such that St. Patrick had only a clover to tell the world of the trinity and God’s love!

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