So much is going on these days.  I’m hoping, (praying), that the flu season is over for the Yeh’s!  It truly feels like we’ve come out of a fog… and what a great feeling that is!  In talking to friends and acquaintances lately, it seems we weren’t the only ones hit hard this season. Anyway, here’s a little update on the kiddos:

update m 1

Malachi is officially a walker.  And, officially in the “toddler” stage.  He doesn’t like to be told no, but does like to get into everything he’s not suppose to.  (Exhibit A: flour and Kix)  Oh, but he’s sweet.  As sweet as they come!  He loves to cuddle and sleeps like an angel.

update m 2

update n 1

Miss Natalie just finished a season of ballet/ tap.  She did super at her recital, smiling right through an accidental cut on her foot in the middle of the tap performance.  What a trooper!  She was fun to watch, and made me proud!

update n 2

update s 1

Not-so-little Sierra just began gymnastics.  She’s had 2 weeks, and is loving it.  You would never know by her serious expression throughout the hour, but when she’s done she can’t stop smiling as she tells you all about her fun as fast as she can spit the words out.  It is precious, really.  And,, I love seeing her receive instruction from someone other than her parents!

update s 2

update z 1

And, Allison… my oldest!  She is 7 going on 18!  (Or so it seems!)  This girl has such joy for life!  If she’s not dancing in the kitchen or teaching her sister how to play “chickers,” (Easter checkers), you can find her playing outside, making-up games, or even doing her schoolwork.  The word “bored” is not in her vocabulary!  I am so thankful for her contagious enthusiasm.

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