Spring part 2… the chickies!  So, we decided we wanted some more chickens; mostly because we wanted more eggs, but also to try a few new breeds.  We decided on 5 more chicks bringing our grand total to 10.  (Now it’s time to get to building a bigger coop!)

chicks 1 Collage

As usual, the girls are having a blast with the chicks.  And, so am I this time.  Not that I didn’t enjoy the chicks the first time around… but I can’t say I handled them before.  I’ve not only overcome my slight fear of these birds, but grown quite fond of the.  One in particular, little Bethany, I can’t resist holding throughout the day!

chicks 2

Sierra is doing remarkably well with the chickies.  No squished chicks; that’s a good thing!

chicks 3

Natalie’s chick is “Gilfie,” from her book Guardians of Ga’Hoole.  I just love that!

chicks 4  CollageFriends are welcome … but come soon, because they grow-up fast!

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