The Garden

And just like that we’re two weeks into March, already!  Ahhh, March!  March means one thing… spring!  Gardens, Easter, flowers, baby chicks… and perfect weather; I love it all!  The only problem is you can’t garden unless you actually have a garden!  When we first moved into this house, I would spend a long time searching the yard for a nice sunny potential garden spot.  I finally found it… on our patio!  So, together Daniel and I drew-up our dream garden bed.

March 1 Collage

He began work on it last summer;  {Mostly at night to 1) avoid heat and 2) avoid our 4 little distractions!}  As he was building it, we lovingly referred to it as “the monstrosity.”  After all, as long as it was custom, we had to include everything… like a wrap-around bench that would double as a storage unit for pool toys!

March 2 CollageBy fall it was ready for a paint job.  As usual, Daniel got the girls in on the action.  They waited on me to pick the colors, and then they had fun painting away.

March 1

Fast forward to March.  It is finally (almost) complete.  It is filled with dirt.  My “graffiti” on the bench has begun.  Pillows are bought.  The sprinkler system is hooked-up.  And, the plants have been planted.  (Once again, Daniel had some “assistance”)

March 2

Oh, they’re just such cute helpers!

March 3 Collage

And, they love the “dirty work.”

March 4

My favorite are always the snap peas.  Mmmmmmm…

March 5

March 7 Collage

Getting there!

WELCOME, March!  I hope to share our other new spring addition tomorrow!


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