Skiing Vacation, part 2

Our last full day up in the mountains was on Valentine’s day.  Because that also happens to be my birthday, I was hoping to ski with my girls and get my free birthday lift ticket… didn’t happen.  But, I was totally ok with it.  You see, the cabin we stayed in was so charming; old, old floors and windows mixed with some modern touches — it was awesome.  But, the beds were tiny and the kids woke-up a ton.  Needless-to-say, not much sleep was happening, and we all needed a restful day.

ski2 1 Collage

Daniel made us all breakfast, again, and decorated the table with cards and chocolates for the girls.  I still have all of their “daddy Valentines” from their first ever V-days.

ski2 2

My Valentine to the girls was a “Crush.”  I remember having these in high school as Valentine’s — couldn’t resist a classic!

ski2 11

ski2 3

Daniel made chocolate-covered strawberries to put in the fridge for after dinner… good thing he had helpers!

ski2 4 Collage

ski2 5

And one sweet boy who was not so fond of the white chocolate!

ski2 6

In place of skiing that day, we went for a family walk.  That s always one of my favorite activities.

ski2 8

There is an “old-fashioned mini-town” we came across that was fun to walk through.

ski2 9

ski2 10

That afternoon, Malachi took a nap and Sierra watched a movie while Daniel took the big girls sledding again, and I read a book.  The girls came back with their “ice sculptures” they made once they tired of sledding.  Meet the pig (A), the duck (D), and the deer (N).

ski2 7 Collage

ski2 15

This picture CRACKS ME UP!

ski2 11 Collage

We ended the night with an incredible dinner and, of course, our strawberries.

ski2 12

(Here the girls are trying to think of a toast to me prompted by their dad — they couldn’t think of anything.  Ha!)

ski2 13 Collage

ski2 13

Goodbye fun cabin!  We may have to make this a tradition!

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