Skiing Vacation, part 1

34 minutes.  Door-to-door.  That’s it!  Seriously, though, it felt like a world away.  We spent this past week in Wrightwood for a little mini getaway.  Before leaving, I was a bit overwhelmed with the packing and preparing to stay in a cabin for 4 days with 4 little ones.  I am happy to report, it was SO worth it!

ski 1 Collage

We arrived to a yard filled with snow.  Looking ahead to the forecast, I warned the girls it may be all gone by the day we left.  Sure enough, much of it did melt over the next four days!

ski 2

We didn’t have time for much at the cabin, except to eat lunch and put on our snow clothes… then it was off to the ski lift, just 5 minutes away!

ski 3 Collage

This is what we did with the little ones for the few hours that Natalie and Allison took lessons.

ski 4

ski 5

ski 6 A Collage

They put Allison in the intermediate class, despite it being her first time, simply because she is 7.  That meant she got to do the chair lift and even go down a blue hill!  She did super.

ski 7 N Collage

Natalie also took to it right away and did great.  I’m thinking the rollerblades and ice skating times were a huge help!

ski 8

All that snow play wore our little buddy out!

ski 9

Back at the cabin we had a movie…

ski 10 Collage

…And, some hot chocolate!

ski 11

The next day, the girls were excited to color their Valentine pictures from Grandma.  In fact, there were many hours spent coloring and painting at this table!

ski 12  Collage

There was also a lot of time spent playing in the snow out back…

ski 13 snow fight Collage

…And, perhaps a snowball fight from the deck down below.

ski 17 Collage

…And, the making of a snowman!

ski 14

Sierra found this doll and liked it. I think it was the hair!

ski 15 Collage

That afternoon we found the BEST sledding spot.  We spent a couple hours there, but I bet we could have been there even longer had a little curly top and a baby boy not been tired.

ski 16 Collage

ski 17

ski 19

We ended the night with s’mores.  The kids were pretty tired, but who could resist a s’more?!

ski 20

The end… of part 1!

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