Chinese New Year 2013

You would think that after being married 9 years I would remember that we have Chinese New Year to celebrate each year, but somehow I always forget.  When my husband reminds me, it is always a pleasant surprise.  I just love the food, the fun, and an excuse to spend time with family!!

cny 1 Collage

This year, being the year of the snake, I had the girls make snake table decorations.

cny 2

Once family arrived, the girls were ecstatic.  I just love how excited they get whenever family comes!

cny 3 Collage

Daniel made us tempura as an appetizer… because beef, pork, shrimp, sashimi, soup, rice, and veggies weren’t going to be enough!  (Ha!  We ate well for a few days!)

cny 4 Collage

My little nephews are so adorable… even if they are terrified of their big, white, blondie auntie!

cny 5 Collage

Both my brother and sister-in-laws have birthdays the beginning of February, so we sang and had cake for dessert,

cny 6

cny 9 Collage

cny 10


They also brought these incredible treats from their favorite bakery.  Nom Nom.  Happy New Year!

(And, on a totally random note, I just discovered that my initials CNY are the same as Chinese New Year — don’t ask me why I always think about these things!)


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