I was half-kidding, but couldn’t help myself from saying it… “I bet it will snow tonight!”  The girls were thrilled — I promised to wake them up if it came.  You see, we were driving home from ballet class and it was hailing and 37 degrees outside; not the usual February weather for Southern California!

Morning came and I forgot all about the snow comment; that is, until the girls looked outside and excitedly proclaimed it had snowed and I broke my promise!

snow Collage


I didn’t get out to take pictures until it had been melting for a little while.  But still, can you believe it?  We even had snow and ice falling off our roof.  Last time it snowed here was 6 years ago.  Pretty exciting stuff!  And, just for the sake of contrast…

snow 2 Collage

Look at all those blossoms!  What season is it, again?  🙂

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