Valentine Crafting

It’s officially red, white, and pink around here.  With the Valentine decor finally in place, we thought it was time to add some new flair this year.  (Actually, we were just looking for an excuse to craft!)  Every Monday while the big girls are at piano, the little ones and I walk to a nearby park.  Sierra found some pinecones and wanted to decorate them, so that became our first Valentine craft!

vdc 1

vdc 2 Collage

We also decided we need some Valentine pillows to brighten up the living room.  The girls are going to embroider them.  They’re in progress… (And, I made a reversible table runner; pics to come!)

vdc 3

And, last but not least, we keep a lot of random Valentine craft supplies around.  They’re great for Sierra while we do school, but the older ones get excited, as well.  Here Natalie pulled out the Valentine stamps and requested I take a picture.  I love this little cutie; nice pose, Natalie!

vdc 4 Collage

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